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2022 annual operating plan guide

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What is an Annual
Operating Plan?

An annual operating plan is a basic framework that outlines the allocation of financial, human and physical resources needed to meet (and likely exceed) your business goals and their associated KPIs. The creation of an AOP will help you identify how to most effectively appropriate your resources to achieve your single-year objectives.


The basic tenets of an annual operating plan are as follows: 

  • Objectives: Define the most important goals for your business in regard to achieving your YoY revenue/profit targets. 
  • Resource Allocation: Align (and possibly adjust) your annual budget to create the most efficient spend strategy to affect your AOP objectives. 
  • Activities: Outline priority tasks and allocate your human resources (employee work hours) to said tasks.  
  • Timelines: Set realistic yet challenging deadlines for your employee’s various activities/tasks.  
  • Quality Controls: Identify inefficiencies and develop remedial initiatives that increase both product quality and improve quality of employee deliverables, all while maintaining an aggressive schedule. 
  • Targets: Determine which KPIs you will use to measure progress throughout the year. It’s recommended that you identify “leading” KPIs that will inform or predict future progress, as opposed to “lagging” KPIs that confirm patterns gleaned from historic data.  
  • Progress Reporting: After choosing your KPIs there are myriad ways of tracking/reporting your progress, including calendars, SaaS project management tools and even regularly scheduled meetings. 
  • Team Cohesion: Keep your team/employees up to date and on the same page with weekly meetings focused on KPI progress and provide them with tools to track their own individual progress on a regular basis.

Project Implementation Consulting

Fostering consistent growth of your business is largely contingent upon successful implementation of a well-developed Annual Operating Plan (AOP). NOW CFO specializes in strategic financial services including AOP development and project implementation.

We can help with the most granular, specialized projects, to broad, overarching business objectives. In the pursuit of constant growth, the importance of developing an AOP that is both challenging and realistic cannot be overstated. Fortunately, with an expert accounting consultant from NOW CFO, all your business goals can be achieved with ease.

NOW CFO provides expertise in strategic finance and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) outsourcing. We offer in-depth operational, strategic, and funding transaction experience.


Does creating a comprehensive annual operating plan feel overly daunting or time consuming? Thanks to NOW CFO, it doesn’t have to. NOW CFO employs a vast network of accounting specialists including interim CFOs, Controllers and Staff Accountants who have decades of experience crafting detailed financial strategies and AOPs that are up to date with the latest industry standards and technological developments; no matter what field your business is in.

With NOW CFO on your team you can leave the minutiae of composing an AOP to us and instead focus on growing your business and forging your path into the future.


NOW CFO is a “roll up our sleeves” full-service consulting firm with a singular focus on outsourced CFO, Controller, accounting, and finance service needs.

NOW CFO’s unique outsource structure has revolutionized the way outsource staffing is utilized in business throughout the US. No longer are the days of conference calls defined by multiple time-zones, misunderstandings and inconsistent deliverables.

NOW CFO outsource consultants, from CFOs to bookkeepers and everyone in-between are local, full-time employees who work on-location, bolstering communication and providing your business with personalized solutions for all your business needs.

INDUSTRY: Outsourced Finance & Accounting
PHONE: 801.938.4764

How it works?

We provide a FREE Consultation, where we learn all about your opportunities and the challenges we can help provide solutions for. 

We match you with a CFO, Controller or Staff Accountant whose skills best align with your needs and get started in as little as 48 hours. 

You choose the length and terms of your engagement. You have complete visibility into what your consultant is doing 24/7. 

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