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Buy Side Vs Sell Side Mergers And Acquistions

Buy-Side Vs. Sell-Side in M&A

The process of financial transactions is split into two different segments: sell-side and buy-side. And, in the investment banking M&A context, buy and sell side mean something completely different compared to just the general financial world. It is important to…

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Mergers Vs Acquisitions

Mergers Vs. Acquisitions

Merger and acquisitions – two of the most well-known and sought-after transactions in the business world, but also two of the most misunderstood terms. There are significant differences between a merger and acquisition and the terms often get blended and…

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Types Of Mergers And Acquisitions Funding Prep

The Guide To Mergers and Acquisitions

This year has proved to be momentous for merger and acquisition (M&A) prices, with more than $10 billion in big company mergers announced in the first few months of 2021. With acquisitions like Microsoft purchasing Kinvolk and Nuance for $19.7B, the market is growing more prone to goliath companies. Technology acquisitions have sped up dramatically. There has been about 258…

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