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Helping Professionals Collaborate

Maximize productivity while staying in touch with your team. BizVue is a work platform that empowers better collaboration and communication between teams.

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Transparency is Just a Few Clicks Away


BizVue makes it easy to see everything our team is doing for you.

With BizVue, you have a communication and collaboration tool and a project management software all at your fingertips.

Set Priorities, align goals and Manage Resources

Prioritize tasks, see what your consultant is working on and collaborate with your team all in one software.

Collaboration With Each Other Across the Life of a Project

Collaboration has never been easier. Share documents, see what your team is working on and communicate with the group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help getting set up? Contact, we’re happy to answer your questions!
Here are a few tips to help you get started.

What is my consultant is working on?

Log into BizVue to access your dashboard. You will see a box labeled projects with a list of all active projects. Each project has a status bar to the right of the project title to indicate the level of completion. You can click on a project to see the specific tasks your consultant is working on and the current status of each task.

How do I find my login credentials?

You will receive an email from NOW CFO with an activation link to set up your login credentials. You will need your phone number and email to access and set up your account. If you do not receive the email or need to reset your password send an email to

The BizVue support team is always here to help you. Please email questions to for support anytime. We will respond as soon as we can.

Can I create a task for my consultant?

Login to your dashboard page. There is a dark blue sidebar on the left side of the page. The second icon is a list. This is your projects page. Click the icon to access the list of your projects. You can create a new project by selecting the button in the upper right hand corner labeled “+ New Project.” You will then need to fill out the project name, type (weighted or unweighted) and start/end dates. Be sure to select your consultant as a user under the assign users drop down. To save your project click submit and it will now appear on your dashboard.

How do I assign users to current projects?

Login to your dashboard. You will see a box labeled projects with a list of all active projects. Select the project to which you would like to add a user. Once the project opens you will see a faded circle icon with a person inside it slightly to the right of the project title. Click on this icon and a pop up window will appear. Select your consultant from the first drop down menu. Select their level of access from the second drop down menu. Note: Consultants will need edit access to update task status.

How do I manage my account settings?

Login to Bizvue and select your user profile in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to a page with two boxes. The first box (on the left) is your basic information including the phone number and email you would like to be contacted at. The second box (on the right) has four tabs at the top. Select the “My Preferences” tab. This will open a check list where you can customize what you would like to be notified of (ex. Task and project status changes) and where you would like the notification to be sent (text or email). You can also reset your password. This page will save your preferences automatically.

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“BizVue helps us work closely with our clients and have a great impact on our engagements.”

Jim Bennett


Project Management and Collaboration in a Simple Platform

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Transparency is just a few clicks away.

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