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Business Lifecycle Funding Stages

Taking your Business to the Next Stage

Capital Raise | M&A | Transactions

What is the Business Lifecycle?

The business lifecycle is the progression of a business in stages over time, from creation to full maturity, throughout transactionsmergers, and all the way to the exit or decline of a company. Every business goes through 3 major stages: Start-up, Growth and Maturity.  

Which Stage am I in?

Understanding which stage your company is in can make a huge difference in the strategic planning and operations of your businessThroughout each stage, there will be necessary financial services to help gain more funding and to take your business to the next level of growth.



Annual Revenue:
$0 – $1M
Company Valuation:
$0 – $10M
Funding Stage:
Pre-Seed & Seed
Funding Amount:
$250K – $3M



Annual Revenue:
$1M – $10M
Company Valuation:
$10M – $60M
Funding Stage:
Series A & B
Funding Amount:
$2M – $50M



Annual Revenue:
$10M – $1B+
Company Valuation:
$100M – $1B+
Funding Stage:
Series C, D & Beyond, M&A, IPO, SPAC, Exit
Funding Amount:
$50M – $1B+

How can we help?

We have streamlined the Capital Raise, M&A, IPO, and large transactions processes. Your Advisor will guide you through the entire journey. Discover how easy it is to get started quickly and seamlessly.

Tell us about your business

We work with you to develop your 5 yr. roadmap, a list of matched investors, acquisitions, and buyers, as well as all the financial documents you will need

We are with you all the way to the end, from pitch, to due diligence, and finally close

Why should I work with NOW CFO?

Our biggest value proposition looking at a company from the bottom up, not the top down. We show reporting on the entire lifecycle of your customers journey, starting from where your users are coming from to becoming a lifelong customer. 

What is different about NOW CFO?

Our consultant’s transaction services provide a unique, seamless follow-through from strategy to execution of your deal. Their tailored approach begins with listening and understanding your needs to provide you with the right balance of functional, regional and industry expertise and resources on each of your deals to ensure the quality and scope of deliverables are appropriate for your needs.

Gain Financial Visibility Into Your Business

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