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The complexity of utilizing Cryptocurrency

There are significant rewards in the utilization of cryptocurrency in business today. However, accounting for this requires significant efforts in accurate tracking, reporting, and consistent treatment of these complex transactions. All crypto transactions are complex carrying gain or loss due to changing valuations, timing, and utilization of various exchanges and wallets. Couple this with tracking the purpose for which the coinage was utilized and incorporating this in your accounting system creates a very complex and rapidly changing environment.

Without adequate processes and systems in managing these complex events, your records will be insufficient which can lead to significant taxation and auditing issues for your company’s success.


We provide accounting services from CFO, Controller and Bookkeeping. We have relationships with software companies for cryptocurrency businesses in:

Cryptocurrency Mining

Traditional businesses who desire to utilize cryptocurrency for payments or receipts

Developers of Blockchain Systems and innovative ecosystems


NOW CFO has strategic relationships with system providers that can either integrate with your current accounting software or upgrade your existing system to a new one. We provide the turnkey solution for rapid adaptation of cryptocurrency:

internal controls
  • Examine and implement crypto accounting and systems for your environment
  • Create accounting processes and adapt technology to enhance operations
  • Provide the tools for crypto asset and transaction management
  • Accurate and timely financial analysis and reporting
  • Continuous improvement in operating environments
  • Provide management of the process and ongoing improvement
financial planning, financial plan, financial planning and analysis, FP&A

The NOW CFO approach

With experience in cryptocurrency mining and blockchain development clients, NOW CFO can solve complex issues.

  • Support our clients in the utilization of cryptocurrencies
  • Assist in CPA (SEC level) audits
  • Enable your operations to thrive in the cryptocurrency environment
  • Smooth seamless transition that will compliment your operations
  • Our approach is to enhance accounting processes and the utilization of technology.
Our approach is to enhance accounting processes and the utilization of technology.

NOW CFO offers Cryptocurrency Financial Services Nationwide.

NOW CFO is not a CPA firm and does not prepare taxes or perform audits. We provide all the services and guidelines to make sure that your crypto financials are in order and set up for success.

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