Frequently asked questions about Main Street Lending Program

Getting to Know the Main Street Lending Program

The Federal Reserve announced that they have created a program that will grant funding to small and mid-sized businesses who were in “good financial standing” prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program, called the Main Street Lending Program, allocates $600

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How does your breakeven points affect your budget?

Roadmap to Recovery: Breakevens and Budgets

At this point in your journey using the roadmap to recovery, your business has a 13-week cashflow forecast and a breakeven analysis. The next step is readjusting your budget according to what is now feasible for your business in the

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Do you know what your Breakeven Point is?

Roadmap to Recovery: Establishing a Breakeven Point

A breakeven point is the point at which a company’s revenue perfectly covers the company’s expenses. Under normal circumstances, your business’ breakeven point is important to establishing budgets and long-term business plans and goals. In a post-pandemic economic landscape, it

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Learn how to maximize your loan forgiveness

Roadmap to Recovery: Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness

The next step on your business’ roadmap to recovery is maximizing your Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness. These loans give business owners the power to maintain their company and keep their employees on the payroll, without worrying about paying the

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