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grow a small business cfo controller

5 Reasons It Is Time For Your Small Business To Get a CFO

The moment where the growth of a small business necessitates hiring a CFO should be an exciting one. It means that the company has finally rose from its meager roots to a level of respectability and experienced exponential growth. In an article on titled “Signs a Small Business Needs

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cfo and controller financial accounting

CFO or Controller: Which Do You Need?

So, you’re a business owner. Right now, business is going well and things are looking up. Revenues are growing, and you cannot afford to make any critical mistakes. Your bookkeeper is doing a great job, but you feel like you need more

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cashflow guidelines

9 Cashflow Guidelines

A cashflow forecast is a comprehensive financial model used to tracks a business’ access to cash. The model shows where your inflows and outflows of cash will be going for the next 13 weeks. The main goal of a cashflow

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not to hire a full time cfo

5 Reasons Not to Hire a Full-Time CFO

The Rise of Outsourced CFO Services Hiring a full-time CFO is quickly becoming a thing of the past for many companies across the nation. There are numerous benefits associated with utilizing a fractional or interim CFO, and many business owners

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Financial Roles and responsibilites

Understanding Financial Roles and Responsibilities

In every company, each employee has their own role to fill. These roles help the company operate smoothly. Learn the major financial roles in your company and understand what responsibilities they carry out to keep your accounting and finance departments

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While it is true that many jobs and positions can be fully automated to save both time and money, accounting is not likely to be completely automated in the future

The Accountant of the Future

Society has been hearing the same riff for years: in the future, everyone’s job will be done by a robot. While it is true that many jobs and positions can be fully automated to save both time and money, accounting

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Automating Company's Finances

Dynamic Financial Reporting

No one understands how much time recurring tasks can eat up better than a business owner. When it comes down to things like paying the bills or sorting out payroll, you spend a lot of valuable time finishing the task

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Skills Financial Controllers Should Have

6 Skills Every Financial Controller Should Have

A financial controller plays a vital role in your accounting and finance department. In order to ensure you are getting the best candidate for your business, search out financial controllers that possess these skills. Knowledge The most obvious skill you

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How to Create a Profit and Loss Report

How to Do a Profit and Loss Report

Business owners often make business decisions based on three reports: a cashflow statement, a balance sheet, and an income statement or profit and loss report. These three reports tell the business owner nearly everything they need to know about the

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The Role of Today's Changing CFO

The Changing Role of Today’s CFO

There is a saying in the business world, the only real constant is change. This is especially true for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position. As businesses see a shift toward a global stage, CFOs are faced with the need

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Comptroller or Controller, Which Do You Need?

Comptroller or Controller, Which Do You Need?

A well-run accounting and finance department is one of the most important parts of running a business. An important part of a well-run accounting and finance department is a supervisor. You will need a controller or a comptroller to keep

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Financial success looks different for every business

What Does Financial Success Look Like for Your Business?

Financial success looks different for every business. A new business will measure financial success differently than their more established peers. An established business will measure financial success differently than an equal business from a different industry. However, some metrics for

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Why Use Dynamic Financial Reporting?

Roadmap to Recovery: Dynamic Financial Reporting

A big part of creating your company’s roadmap to recovery is prioritizing financial visibility. Dynamic financial reporting software helps your business innovate the way you utilize its financial data. Instead of a reporting system or process that only compiles a

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Frequently asked questions about Main Street Lending Program

Getting to Know the Main Street Lending Program

The Federal Reserve announced that they have created a program that will grant funding to small and mid-sized businesses who were in “good financial standing” prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program, called the Main Street Lending Program, allocates $600

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How does your breakeven points affect your budget?

Roadmap to Recovery: Breakevens and Budgets

At this point in your journey using the roadmap to recovery, your business has a 13-week cashflow forecast and a breakeven analysis. The next step is readjusting your budget according to what is now feasible for your business in the

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Do you know what your Breakeven Point is?

Roadmap to Recovery: Establishing a Breakeven Point

A breakeven point is the point at which a company’s revenue perfectly covers the company’s expenses. Under normal circumstances, your business’ breakeven point is important to establishing budgets and long-term business plans and goals. In a post-pandemic economic landscape, it

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Understand what the Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) is

Understanding the Paycheck Protection Program

As part of the CARES Act passed by Congress on March 26, the federal government is implementing many programs to help businesses. One such program is the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), meant to incentivize business owners and decisionmakers to keep

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Learn how to maximize your loan forgiveness

Roadmap to Recovery: Maximizing PPP Loan Forgiveness

The next step on your business’ roadmap to recovery is maximizing your Paycheck Protection Program loan forgiveness. These loans give business owners the power to maintain their company and keep their employees on the payroll, without worrying about paying the

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Which financial consultant is right for your company?

Which Financial Consultant Do You Need?

When you’re looking for a financial consultant, the options your consulting firm has can seem daunting. While every financial consultant the firm has to offer is a proficient, experienced accountant, some are better suited for your company’s needs. The type

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What does it take to become a CFO?

How to Become a CFO

A CFO is an important member of any executive team. Since they are responsible for setting and monitoring the financial strategy of a company, they must have extensive financial experience. Everything from education to work history to skillset is an

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Costly Mistakes with Money

10 Common Financial Mistakes Companies Make

A financial misstep can break a business. When you know what to look for, you know how to protect your business from the most common financial mistakes companies make. Here are ten of the most common financial mistakes and why

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Outsourced Controller

Tips for Hiring an Outsourced Controller

Hiring a full-time controller is expensive. By hiring an outsourced controller, you save your company time and money. When you’re looking for an outsourced controller, however, the hiring process is a little different. What do you need to look for

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Steps to Profitability

5 Steps for Improving Profitability

Your company may be raking in profit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your company is profitable. Profit is the amount of revenue a company brings in minus the company’s expenses. In contrast, a company’s profitability is a relative statistic, based

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Hire an Accountant

How to Hire a Great Accountant

When it comes to running your business’ finances, you don’t just need an accountant; you need a great accountant. Of course, this means you need to know what to look for when you hire a great accountant. Here are just

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Hire a Part-time Fractional CFO

What Can a Fractional CFO Do for Your Business?

Hiring a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is costly. More than that, not all businesses need a full-time CFO to run their day-to-day operations. Instead, hiring a fractional (part-time) CFO when you need one is not only cost-effective but

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financial controller

What is a Financial Controller?

What is a controller in accounting? A controller serves as the head of the accounting and finance departments, managing the accounts payable and receivable teams. The controller will generally answer directly to the CFO, serving as their right hand. However,

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A CFO is an Agent of Change

What is a CFO?

What is a CFO? A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the highest-ranking member of an accounting and finance staff. They serve as a key player in the Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) and the Chief Operating Officer’s (COO) decision-making process, ensuring

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NOW CFO - Las Vegas, Nevada 2

Nevada Prepares For The Next Economic Downturn

“The 2008 financial crisis struck this city hard, largely because the economy was overly reliant on tourism and construction,” said Brian Hayes, Regional Partner at NOW CFO. As a result, Nevada shifted its focus to industries such as healthcare and

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Sacramento farm to fork

Farm-To-Fork Movement: Prepare to Scale Up

As the food movement gains strength and farm-to-fork practices prove increasingly popular, Sacramento has the potential to become the nation’s hub for food and agriculture technology. Over the last decade, this once semi-quiet government city has transformed itself and become

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NOW CFO - Boise, Idaho

The Numbers are In, and Boise is Booming

“Boise is constantly being ranked as one of the top growing cities with one of the nation’s fastest-growing job markets.” Said Maddy Bishop, NOW CFO’s Business Development Representative. With a population of around 227,000, the state’s capital possesses many characteristics

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Professionals working on the computer

Tips for selecting an ERP system for the first time

By Benjamin Morin Is your company struggling with inventory management by spreadsheet? Are you finding that the timing of purchases is creating production inefficiencies or even impacting sales? Worse yet, are you double purchasing needed materials? All this can lead

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Outsourced Controller

Cash Flow and Understanding Profits

There are studies that say 82% of businesses fail because of poor cash flow or being cash poor, rather than the failure to run a profitable business. Why is this? In part is because the success of a business is

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Outsourced Accounting Experts

Understanding Sales Tax and Online Sales

The issue of sales tax may seem pretty straightforward. Whatever the percentage is in your state, you multiply that by the total your customer pays, and that is the amount owed to your state government. While the percentage and exactly

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US of America and Chinese flags crashed containers on sky at sunset background

New Tariffs Are Causing an Escalating Trade War

The Trump administration’s recent increase in tariffs is causing a trade war and losing investors trust in the market who are pulling the highest level of money from global stock-focused funds since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Market trends such as these are

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Outsourced, fractional and temporary CFO, Controller and accounting services

Audit Prep

NOW CFO consultants provide years of audit prep expertise preparing companies for audits. We offer consultants with experience as auditors that will complete the auditor’s checklist. The checklist often appears as a foreign language to CFOs and Controllers. Audits typically

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Inventory management

Do You Have Too Much Inventory on Hand?

Do you have too much inventory on hand? This can be a complicated question for some companies, especially those who sell a lot of different products. If a company does not have enough inventory they will lose out on sales.

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Outsourced Accounting Experts

Acquisition and Merger Due Diligence

Due diligence is arguably the most important part of an acquisition or merger. Having an outside group review the financial statements and other important documents is a great way to make sure to reach the best possible deal for both

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Jim Bennett Receives Honorable CARMA Award

Jim Bennett Receives Honorable CARMA Award

The CARMA awards are held once a year, in celebration of small business and relationship excellence. Salt Lake City, UT, December 7, 2017- Once a year, members of the Corporate Alliance organization acknowledge other members of the community in corporate

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