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NOW CFO provides a wide range of pre and post Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) accounting services

Our expert consultants can assist with all due diligence related efforts (buyer and seller) before and during a sale.

Our consultants can perform the due diligence based upon our structured approach or under your direction. Our diligence teams provide investment banks, private equity groups, and venture capital firms with the opportunity to maintain lean acquisitions groups and leverage resources as needed. Whether you are an experienced investor or working on your first acquisition, our diligence teams can provide you with the diligence required for your investment decisions.

NOW CFO consultants will approach your acquisition or merger with the single focus of creating shareholder value. This focus requires high quality, rigorous due diligence performed on the transaction.

Merger & Acquisition Services

NOW CFO consultant’s transaction services provide a unique, seamless follow-through from strategy to execution of your deal. Our consultants tailored approach begins with listening and understanding your transaction needs. Our consultants provide you with the right balance of functional, regional and industry expertise and resources on each of your deals to ensure the quality and scope of deliverables are appropriate for your needs. Our approach to the deal process provides you with the opportunity to have transparency into your deal and ensure you can make profitable strategic decisions.

Accounting consultant’s making merger and acquisition decisions

Merger & Acquisition Services Provide:

  • Visibility of the total performance of the target business
  • Assistance in negotiation of favorable deal terms
  • Help to identify opportunities for capturing value post deal
  • Key tax and financial reporting implications
  • Translation of the strategy for the transaction into post deal direction
  • Assistance with purchase price adjustment post-acquisition

Post-Acquisition Services

Post-sale integration services provide for a seamless transition to give the transaction the best chance of success. The minute a transaction closes there is a collective sigh of elation and relief! As soon as that feeling soon fades, you realize the implications of what this means for you and your business. Integration, restructuring, synergy identification, excess cost elimination, tax strategy, and purchase accounting are overwhelming tasks to manage! These are enormous responsibilities that if not handled well can make or break the profitability of a transaction.

Experts reviewing an acquisition

Post-Acquisition Integration

The purpose of M&A activity is to add value to your organization. Integration strategic tasks can become overlooked when the enormity of an integration becomes overburdening. Our consultants seek to integrate your acquisitions with the single focus of making your organization stronger and more valuable. NOW CFO consultants maintains a structured approach, to add value to your organization.

NOW CFO consultants assist in integrating key processes and procedures during the implementation and integration of an acquired or merged organization including:

  • Integration of HR policies & procedures
  • Branding & public relations
  • Rationalization of product portfolios
  • Supply-chain effectiveness
  • Cultural alignment
  • Focus on day-to-day business
  • Retention of top talent
  • Sales & marketing integration
  • Integration of IT systems & infrastructure
  • Integration-focused due diligence
  • Internal communication
  • Integration planning
  • Establishment of the right management team
  • Customer retention
  • Supplier / Vendor evaluation
  • Risk Management

Restructuring, Synergy identification, and Excess Cost Elimination

More often than not an acquisition means duplication of administrative and operations activities. Our consultants evaluate the structure of your operations and administration to optimize every dollar spent in your business. This includes cost elimination and optimizing the potential of your business operations. We focus our efforts on value adds that will make you a stronger collective organization.

  • Expedited Situational Assessment
  • Interim and Bridge Leadership ( CFO, Controllers, and Managers)
  • Performance optimization
  • Cash-flow management and forecasting
  • Credit recovery alternatives
  • Exit strategies
  • Refinancing alternatives
  • Facility closure execution
  • Exit preparation & execution
Accounting professionals discussing the effects of a acquisition
Accounting professionals discussing a merger or acquisition

Tax Strategy

Mergers and acquisitions will create some very interesting tax consequences if not properly advised. Our consultants have significant expertise in acquisition planning and post-acquisition tax strategy planning. We also have a thorough network of partners in legal and specialized tax areas that will make sure your transaction is planned and executed with the optimal tax strategy.

Purchase Accounting

We have completed purchase accounting for transactions ranging for $1M to $500M. We have significant expertise and knowledge of requirements of the latest pronouncement and guidance for Business Combinations. We will complete your opening balance sheet in a timely and cost-effective manner. Further, our professionals have significant experience in audit requirements. This experience will ensure that all required analyses and supporting documentation are prepared accordingly and ready to pass the audit. See our audit preparation services for further information.

Two accountants working on an acquisition

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We provide outsourced, fractional, and temporary CFO, Controller, and operational Accounting services that suit the needs of your business. 

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NOW CFO provides the highest level of expertise in finance and operational accounting to accelerate results and achieve strategic objectives for sustainable growth and success.

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