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Sacramento farm to fork

Farm-To-Fork Movement: Prepare to Scale Up

As the food movement gains strength and farm-to-fork practices prove increasingly popular, Sacramento has the potential to become the nation’s hub for food and agriculture technology. Over the last decade, this once semi-quiet government city has transformed itself and become one of the country’s agricultural powerhouses, providing over 30,000 jobs to the area and is valued over $7.2 billion.

How should farms prepare to scale up to meet demand?

Robust local food systems offer various economic benefits, and many wholesale buyers are demanding locally grown food. To meet the demand, local food systems need to scale up to deliver the economic and logistical efficiencies of the industrial food systems while retaining social and environmental priorities such as sustainable agriculture practices and profitability.

As farms grow, more operators see themselves as CEO’s and choose to relay certain task to outside experts to streamline processes and increase workflow. “Farming is unique since they rely on living produce, making it more complicated when it comes to assets, liabilities, costs, and revenue,” said NOW CFO’s Regional Partner Kris Peterson. “NOW CFO can help businesses achieve the financial visibility needed and create a sustainable operating plan that drives growth and productivity.”

Flexibility is the logic behind bringing in a specialist to complete financial tasks because NOW CFO’s consultants deal with accounting issues regularly. “It’s more effective in terms of hours, and the individual functions are being performed at a higher level to delivers the most accurate financial data to decision makers,” Kelly Taylor, local Business Development Representative adds. “Our goal is to significantly reduce the number of failed businesses by providing an affordable, tailored solution that supports better business decisions.”

Click Here to read the full press release on our Sacramento market.

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