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NOW CFO's new Anchorage Alaska Office

New NOW CFO Anchorage Office Opens Financial Strategy to Alaskan Business

The full-service financial outsourcing firm NOW CFO recently added a new Anchorage office to their already nationally established firm. They are giving access to CFO’s controllers and consultants for both large and small Alaskan businesses, suspending the need for these companies to chase consultants from the lower 48 states.

“There was a need for people in-town,” explains Regional Partner Kris Peterson, “Companies often reach out to Portland or Seattle due to the lack of local higher financial services in the area. But because we offer these services, we are in a position to help grow business here.” The services Peterson mentions runs from forecasting to funding and acquisitions, utilizing NOW CFO’s outsourced Controllers and interim CFOs. Bookkeeping and accounting services are also available, with professionals who are specially trained to assist businesses in achieving financial visibility, so their clients can make smarter business decisions.

Alaska provides a rare opportunity for NOW CFO’s brand of financial consulting, which usually sends the consultants to the client’s place of business. “What makes Anchorage unique is it is off the grid,” said TJ Scarbrough, Senior Corporate Sales. While Anchorage is the economic hub with 40% the states’ population, some clients, and businesses are a bit too far away to send an accountant, not to mention to rugged. “Flexibility, excellent communication skills, and technology are the solution to getting our service this close to the Arctic Circle.” Scarborough concluded.

Solution services from audit preparation to exit strategy have proven popular in the Alaskan area. “A lot of times there is a fire to be put out.” Peterson explains, “Companies need an expert to help them get to the next level, and it can be with a specific project or on an ongoing basis. They often say, ‘I wish I had a CFO but I can’t afford one.’” NOW CFO draws these experts from a well of resources that have proven successful in major cities across eleven states since its founding in 2005.

NOW CFO partners are enjoying their new Anchorage office. “It really is a very pretty place,” Peterson commented, “The scenery is stunning, and the culture is welcoming. I love the small-town-feel; everyone knows everybody.” For NOW CFO, the hope is that the office will fit into this “small-town-feel” and as they get to know the neighbors help many of them along the way.

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