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NOW CFO - Boise, Idaho

The Numbers are In, and Boise is Booming

Boise is constantly being ranked as one of the top growing cities with one of the nation’s fastest-growing job markets. Alongside Boise, nearby cities Meridian and Nampa are among the top 10 fastest growing cities in the country. With a population of around 455,000, the state’s capital possesses many characteristics of any large city -major universities, quality healthcare, a sizeable airport, and a thriving culture. There have been a few Silicon Valley tech companies opening offices in Boise to escape the outrageous costs in the Bay Area as well. In addition to this, Idaho’s unemployment rate is at a low of 3%.

What is driving all this growth?

Boise is projecting significant job growth due to the high percentage of adults with college degrees entering the market. With the cost of living as the biggest motivating factor, many young professionals are packing up and leaving the nation’s hottest regions for more cost friendly alternatives. According to Boise’s major Lauren McLean, the key to successful growth in Boise is that it happens sustainably and mindfully.

By all metrics, Boise is booming, and with that provides a rare opportunity for business and entrepreneurs to enter an established market with growing needs. The full-service financial outsourcing firm NOW CFOs Boise office is a part of their national footprint and will be providing outsourced CFO, Controller, and Accounting staff services for both large and small Idaho businesses. The Managing Partner, Kevin Clouser, recently moved from another one of NOW CFOs booming markets and is ready to take Boise to the next level. “We are in a position to help businesses grow here by improving their financial visibility, so they can make sound business decisions,” said Kevin Clouser, Managing Partner. “Companies need a trusted advisor to dive in, help identify the problems and to develop a strategic plan to drive results.”

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