NOW CFO - Boise, Idaho

The Numbers are In, and Boise is Booming

“Boise is constantly being ranked as one of the top growing cities with one of the nation’s fastest-growing job markets.” Said Maddy Bishop, NOW CFO’s Business Development Representative. With a population of around 227,000, the state’s capital possesses many characteristics of any large city -major universities, quality healthcare, a sizeable airport, and a thriving culture. “Additionally, Boise was named the No.2 spot for young professionals by Forbes in 2017 and earned the No.11 title on last year’s fastest growing cities roundup.”

What’s driving all this growth?

Boise is projecting significant job growth due to the high percentage of adults with college degrees entering the market. With the cost of living as the biggest motivating factor, many young professionals are packing up and leaving the nation’s hottest regions for more cost friendly alternatives.

By all metrics, Boise is booming, and with that provides a rare opportunity for business and entrepreneurs to enter an established market with growing needs. The full-service financial outsourcing firm NOW CFO recently added a Boise office to its national footprint and will be providing outsourced CFO, Controller, and Accounting staff services for both large and small Idaho businesses. “We are in a position to help businesses grow here,” said Ben Faux Managing Partner. “Companies need an expert to dive in, identify the problems and developed a strategic plan to drive results.

Click here to read the full press release on our Boise market

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