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We can help assess and implement important internal controls to protect your business

Our expert consultants have extensive experience and training to assist in identifying opportunities and implementing internal controls for your company.

This includes protection from fraudulent activities, operational inefficiencies, and not adhering to company policies. Whether it be establishing Internal Controls for public reporting or private safeguarding, our professionals have years of experience with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 audits and can assist your company in establishing procedures for your internal control structure.

Perhaps your company has problems with segregation of duties, record retention, or your employees feel like doing things their own way. NOW Consultants can help mitigate these problems which could be costing you money.

Internal Controls are not limited to the financial operations of the business. A strong Internal Control framework addresses all Risk Management Objectives (Strategic, Operational, Reporting, and Compliance) at every single Entity and Unit Level Component. Within each Risk Management Objective and at every Entity and Unit Level Component, there are multiple Risk Components that NOW Consultants will assess for your company. They include the Internal Environment, Objective Setting, Event Identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Response, Control Activities, Information & Communication, and Monitoring. These are all core pieces of The COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

Outsourced Accounting Experts
Internal Control Services Include:
  • Assessing current internal controls and susceptibility to fraudulent activities
  • Documentation of controls structure
  • Internal audit testing
  • Control structure implementation
  • Establishing new policies and procedures to mitigate financial or operational loss in the business
  • Assisting all levels of employees, from Board of Directors to hourly employees, in understanding and abiding by a sound Internal Control Structure
  • Update of Process Narratives and Risk Control Matrices. Prepare test scripts (procedures) and execute test procedures as well as remediation procedures. Ensure client compliance with SOX section 302
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