Important Information on the Financial Audit:

Eleana Frangedis, BDR at NOW CFO

Eleana Frangedis began working with NOW CFO in early 2021 as a Business Development Representative in the Fort Lauderdale market, while also managing the rest of South Florida. Eleana graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, International Business and Trade from Florida Atlantic University.

She comes from a background of working with start-up companies, which has given her a strong entrepreneurial spirit along with the ability to connect with others and better understand the needs and pain points clients go through.
Eleana brings an abundant mindset where positivity and passion flow to NOW CFO. She looks forward to empowering and strengthening the team to be sure that her clients succeed.

Eleana has a passion for helping others and truly believes in the solutions that NOW CFO provides to make a business run more efficiently at a fraction of the cost.  

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